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Kids! 18 Free Printable Pet Colouring Pages!

Chinchilla, Ferret –Two Featured Free Printable Coloring Pages from Super Pet USA!

Cute free printable colouring pages showing nine different animals each in two different poses are offered by Super Pet USA, Just click the picture to open the free pdf file,then print out the black and white line drawing, and colour the picture -adding in your own background. Use Your Imagination!
Choose from the following printable coloring pages:

  • Rabbit (2 different poses)
  • Guinea Pig (2 different poses)
  • Chinchilla (2 different poses)
  • Hamster (2 different poses)
  • Ferret (2 different poses)
  • Rat (2 different poses)
  • Parakeet (2 different poses)
  • Hamster (2 different poses)
  • Parrot (2 different poses)

These two Free Printable pet colouring pages below are just an example of the many great free printable pet colouring pictures on  the Super Pets USA site. You will also want to check out their online games section,which has nine different fun games. Which animal freebie would you like to see featured? Drop us a comment below.and we’ll try to find a freebie featuring your favourite pet.

Chin 1




You can find the rest of the Free Super Pet USA Printable coloring pages at

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