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Print Free Colouring Pictures! (Int)

Free Chipmunk Colouring Page! 

We saw one of these cute little guys sauntering bold as brass from our neighbour’s tool shed! You can download and print numerous free Colouring pictures using Public Domain Pictures. Wikimedia is an excellent source of public domain pictures,including this Chipmunk. This chipmunk was donated to the Wikimedia Foundation and released into the public domain by Pearson Scott Foresman. There are nine different sizes of this picture available.
Chipmunk (PSF)
Almost all content  on Wikimedia sites may be freely reused without individual
permission according to the terms of the particular license under which it was contributed to the project. However, some licenses may require you give credit to the original creator. If you wish to use the work under different terms than the license stated,then you need to obtain a specific statement of permission from the licensor.

How to access different sizes of this image

  1. Go to the Wikimedia link for the picture.
  2. Either Download all sizes,or
  3. Click Use online,and choose the size you would like to use from the drop down list on the lower right of the popup.
  4. Copy the html,or BB code,and paste into your ste,blog or forum.
  5. Enjoy!
Ready? Here is the link!
Do you have Tamias striatus aka Eastern Chipmunk living near you too?
Please leave a comment for the next person,and share your chipmunk story! We look forward to meeting you on the Freebies 4 Canada Facebook  page.
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