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Learn About Parrots-Free Guide!

Ever wanted a Parrot?
Ontario Parrot Rescue Free Parrot Spring Survival Guide helps people learn how to live happily with a parrot.

Spring is very busy for Nancy Daniels . Nancy runs Parrot Adopt Southern Ontario.  in Omemee, Ontario.. In Spring many people call Nancy,because they do not like the way their birds are acting.
Nancy takes care of parrots who do not have homes,and teaches people how to give birds a happy home.
Nancy hopes her Free Parrot Spring Survival Guide hopes that it will help more people with their parrots.
Want to help parrots?
Please share this link with all your friends who like birds too!

How to Get A Free Parrot Spring Survival Guide

Your parents can get a Free  Parrot Spring Survival Guide from Nancy's website by entering their email address in the form on Nancy's page.
The  Free  Parrot Spring Survival Guide is a PDF file you can read on your computer or print out to share with your friends.
Click Parrot Adopt Southern Ontario to go to the page containing their Free Parrot Spring Survival Guide.

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Freebies 4 Canada:Canadian Free Parrot Spring Adoption Guide

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